Heed my words, O sailor! O mighty Sailor!
fastest of Falcons, wisest of wheels
meanest of men and the pertinent propeller
make yours the finest of vessels

Through the parade, in the midst of praise
blessing and good luck, he stood immovable
desperate for a buzz or a murmur or a phrase
somebody, anybody, please say I'm incapable

yet he set sail with a valiant farewell,
a divided heart - one longing to reach,
its journey blinded by the bizarre will
clear to the other and determined leech

drenched in cold night rains he shivered
as the stars grew the craft went adrift
streches of profound tranquility tortured
quest for rift outran his internal rift

I beseech thee, bring in the furious storm
sweep the tired to the land devoid of air
devoid of devoir and devoid of any reform
let the shame be scared away from my heir

See the desolate sea blinded by diffidence
a loner walks covered in robes of his fear
yearning to trip and fall and fail, thence
will not feel a prick pierce his flesh ever

Many fools have shed tears and dripped blood
crawled miles across to reach the eternal hour
crying out to the fool who wants to be dead
only pain gives essence to the gentle flower

Heed my words, O sailor! O mighty sailor!
gravest of guts, outrageous of ordeals
plenty of patience and a kind kindler
make yours the finest of vessels

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The Geeky Jack

This is the jack from IIT Bombay, CSE, class of 2013. Since then she has been a founding team member of a Bangalore based startup, Lifetape and she intends to share her knowledgde and tech experience here!

Her major focus as of now is in web full stack development with biased interest towards web frontend development and iOS app development.

The Rhythmic Jack

This is the jack that is too obsessed with drumming since the very first time she played. She has recently finished Trinity Music School, Grade 4, drums examination which gives her just a little bit of confidence to call herself a drummer. She intends to put up drum cover videos and original compositions here!

She is currently into rock/metal genre.

The Lyrical Jack

This is the jack that just occasionally writes when something inspires her. She never had any professional training as the other two jacks but has published one of her poems in the book named 'Inspired by Tagore' to consider herself an amatuer poetess. She intends to put up her poems & song lyrics here!

She writes motivational and love poems