About Me

If you had to shut my never ending chatter this has always been the goto question for everyone - 'Tell me about yourself!'. After years of contemplation and a mild depression realising I'm just a jack of all trades - master of none, I decided to bring that jack just as is to you all.

My Tracks

The Geeky Jack

This is the jack from IIT Bombay, CSE, class of 2013. Since then she has been a founding team member of a Bangalore based startup, Lifetape and she intends to share her knowledgde and tech experience here!

Her major focus as of now is in web full stack development with biased interest towards web frontend development and iOS app development.

The Rhythmic Jack

This is the jack that is too obsessed with drumming since the very first time she played. She has recently finished Trinity Music School, Grade 4, drums examination which gives her just a little bit of confidence to call herself a drummer. She intends to put up drum cover videos and original compositions here!

She is currently into rock/metal genre.

The Lyrical Jack

This is the jack that just occasionally writes when something inspires her. She never had any professional training as the other two jacks but has published one of her poems in the book named 'Inspired by Tagore' to consider herself an amatuer poetess. She intends to put up her poems & song lyrics here!

She writes motivational and love poems